I download and watch at least 4 movies a week.And I usually go by IMDB's rating considering the number of votes each film gets.I went along with this opinion and downloaded Little Miss Sunshine;
and it was after 101 minutes that I decided to change that opinion.The movie certainly doesn't deserve an 8.1!The movie didn't turn out to be the comedy that was bound to make you laugh and at the same time realise the importance of family.I didn't find anything worthwhile in it,but that's just my two cents.

I downloaded a copy of Phonebooth yesterday and watched it this morning.I must say it was rather good,with all the suspense.Collin Farell plays Stu Shepard,the hero in the movie.Stu uses a pay phone to call his mistress (Katie Holmes) and after he hung up the phone rings. He picks it up, of course, and learns that there is a sniper on the other side of the line. When he hangs up the sniper will shoot him, so he is told. Before he entered the booth we saw Stu talking on his cell phone as a PR-man, constantly lying to people. The sniper has observed Stu and thinks he deserves to die.When the sniper demonstrates he is real by shooting a pimp near the booth the police arrives and thinks Stu is the shooter. Capt. Ramey (Forest Whitaker) slowly understands things are not as they seem.Colin Farrell who is in almost every scene is great. First he looks so confident and slowly he becomes more and more desperate. The voice of the sniper (Kiefer Sutherland) is also perfect for the movie. It sounds calm but creepy, like a dangerous man who knows what he is doing.The movie is not very long and here that is a very good thing. Scenes are not dragged to make the movie as long as most movies and therefor it doesn't get boring. It kept me on the edge of my seat. A very good thriller.I gave IMDB a rating of 7/10 for all its worth.

Who needs torrents or rapidshare when there's a site by the name of Google? That's one site that exploits other sites,and we exploit it to get what we want.And what is it that we want most from the net?That's right,downloads for free.Here's a tip on how to get mp3's from FTP's and other sites using Google.
First off,go to google.com.Next,in the search box,type the following text:

intitle:"index of" (mp3) greenday

and hit Enter.You will find a list of FTP's and directories that contain MP3 files for Greenday.The "index of" part means you're searching through the directory of sites.The mp3 within braces indicates that you want to list files that are of type mp3 only.Cool way for some piracy,huh? :)

I restrain myself from downloading A R Rahman albums and buy the CD,but it can be really testing when the distributers f*ck up and the CD's arrive a couple of days after it has been released.In the case of Jodha Akbar, I gave in to Temptation and downloaded it,promising myself to buy the CD when it came out(which I did,so there).I was impressed with Azeem-o-Shah,liked Jash-e-bahara and was carried away by Khwaja.However,In Lamho failed to make any impression;maybe it was because I couldn't understand the lyrics,or it was another of ARR's special slow poisoning numbers.My friend said it was the best in the album;I had to disagree with her.It was after the tamil version of the songs were released that I listened to "Idhayam Idam Mariyathey" in a new light(or rather in a new sound).After listening to the ultra romantic number a few good number of times for good measure(and ergo doing justice to ARR),I messaged my friend saying "In Lamho rocks!"It has been my favorite in the album ever since :)

It's drooooling time!!
Lol,not a day passes by without my drooling at some chick or other.And today's pick is none other than the Sin City-fame Jessica Alba.You would probably disagree if I told you that she's the hottest in Hollywood.But then,that's my opinion and what do you care?I like women who are cute,and naturally Jessica tops my list of chicks that can make my heart skip a beat.I go for the eyes and the smile in a girl,and Jessica's smile is one in a million.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date.

I found a cool tweak in Windows using which you can create a ncie 3d effect in Windows.You need to know how to edit values in the Registry Editor.For safety's sake better back up your registry rather than jacking it up and blaming me for it :)
Here's how you do it:

1.Open up Regedit using Start->Run->Type regedit and hit Enter.
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors
3.Make sure the following settings are there,or just edit the values:
ButtonHilight=128 128 128
ButtonShadow=255 255 255

That's just about it.Job done :)

I came across an article about Einstein getting a stellar score of 269 in an IQ test.Now that was one hell of a brain!,I think to myself.However,the article went on to state that such a score is impossible,and Einstein's IQ was actually somewhere around 180.I checked out some reliable sources I know on the net,and found that any score above 140 qualifies you as a genius.
But that depends on the test you take.I took some IQ tests on a few sites that claimed to be "the standard and very precise test for determining your IQ".I got around 140 in most ones(and ergo I have a doubt that they may not be standard after all!) There's one at www.iqtest.dk that follows the same pattern as Mensa's.I suggest you check it out.
Peace :)

Wake up and smell the coffee,dude!,this morning tells me.Wish I could do that.Oh I would gladly,if it hadn't been for my carelessness.Last night I was listening to some music on my Transcend mp3 player,and like a drunkard falling asleep with the burning cigar in hand,I had dozed off-with the exception that the player wasn't in my hand;it was below my left shoulder,and God knows what other places in my body it had been crushed against during the night.I woke up with something sticking painfully in my bellybutton,and there's my player,with two buttons popping out dolefully.
Seems my player's crushed for good.It can't be repaired,and I'm not spending more that what I actually paid for buying it.I will wait for some cash to roll in,before I buy a new one.Enough said,this post is in loving memory for my Transcend.