I was browsing through the Internet and found this amazing video of a clone fight.Albeit its poor quality,the video is a fine example of professional editing.I believe the fellow who made this used Adobe Premiere and Particle Illusion for the editing and special effects.That shows how far we have gone in the field of video editing technology.Had he used a much better camcorder,the video is fit to be classified as professional.

All editing work and special effects were done using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Particle Illusion, and 3DS MaxAdobe After Effects !!!

Here's a little puzzle I got for you.If you are familiar with lines and shapes you can easily solve this.Geometry has always fascinated ever since it was introduced in my grade 5.This should be a cinch if you are good with geometry,and have some ability to visualise.
Here's the puzzle:
Can you make two Squares and four Right angled triangles using only 8 straight lines ???
Think before you scroll down!!!

"The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind."

Gaylord Nelson

I love to chill out on my terrace and stargaze.Sometimes I sit and wonder how long we have existed.How many aeons have passed since Adam first saw the earth in all its beauty?
Scientists have worked out and found that life on earth has existed for approximately
300,000,000 years.That's quite a long time isn't it? :)

I came across this puzzle a few days back and I must confess that it got me stumped for a while.But finally,I was able to solve it.Here's the puzzle:

Given four wine glasses such that each has same size and shape.You need to arrange them so that the center of the foot of anyone is equidistant from all the rest.

Here's the solution:
Place 3 of the wine glasses on the table so as to form an Equilateral triangle, each side being equal to the height of a single glass. Then place the 4th glass upside down in the middle. Got it?